Onshore, Property and Energy Overview

Our Technical Risks Group offers broad, flexible and comprehensive coverage to a wide range of industrial clients who need bespoke insurance solutions.

Onshore Overview:

Starr Onshore as a market leader, works with international clients to provide specialised insurance coverages to suit their needs.

We build long-term relationships with industrial companies, insurers, and broking houses, developing trust and understanding throughout our continuous interactions.

Our underwriting team offers significant breadth and depth of experience, with a proactive approach and understanding of the ever-changing risk environment of our customers’ industries. In order to mitigate the risks faced by our clients, we offer a variety of products that respond in the event of loss or damage to their physical assets. This, in turn, provides the required security for organisations to continue succeeding at the highest level.

As part of a comprehensive and forward-looking risk management service, Starr Onshore, Property and Energy, delivers demonstrable and strategic value to risk managers and brokers. 

Types of Coverage:

  • All Risks of Property Damage & Business Interruption, Contingent Exposures, and Machinery Breakdown. International Domiciled Business - incidental USA

Onshore Business Appetite:

  • Oil, Gas and Petrochemicals
  • Chemicals
  • Process Industries
  • Mining
  • Power Generation & Utilities

Starr Attributes:

  • First-class Service
  • Leadership Capabilities
  • Technical approach through Risk Engineering
  • Claims handling expertise – Highly responsive and flexible 


  • USD 160m Operational, USD 20m Terrorism